Japan Smart Cities Alliance

GSCA 日本支部 / Japan Cities Community

Cities in Japan are supported by the World Economic Forum through a dedicated team based in C4IR Japan. Cities actively engaged in this community are shown below.

最新情報 / What's new

Global Technology Governance Summit, Tokyo 2021

The World Economic Forum is hosting its first Global Technology Governance Summit this April in Tokyo. The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance will be hosting several sessions at the summit, where you can learn more about the activities of the Japan Cities Community and the most prominent smart cities initiatives Japan. If you are interested in participating, please register at weforum.org.

GSCA at GTGS2021

各モデルポリシーについて / Policy Roadmap

以下より、Global Smart Cities Allianceで策定した各モデルポリシーの日本語版をダウンロード頂けます。
You can find links to the first five model policies translated into Japanese below:

参画方法 / Get in touch

G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA) 日本支部に参画することで、
If you would like to engage with the G20 Japan Smart Cities Alliance, you can:

  • 新たなモデルポリシー策定のためのワーキンググループに参加いただけます。
    Join our Working Group of policy experts to develop new policies;
  • 日本の各都市が、寄り良いポリシーを実装することを手助けするサポートネットワークに参画頂けます
    Join our Support Network to help Japanese cities implement better policies;
  • もし、あなたが自治体職員である場合、GSCA日本支部の都市コミュニティにご参画頂けます。
    If you are a government officer, you can join our cities community.

もし、上記コミュニティへの参画にご関心がある場合は、GSCA事務局の平山 雄太までご連絡ください。
If you are interested in joining this community, please get in touch with Yuta Hirayama in the Alliance Secretariat, at

平山 雄太:  yuta.hirayama@weforum.org