Boston CISO

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) leads the Cybersecurity Team within the Department of Innovation and Technology. The City’s Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) strives to engage, empower, and improve life for residents in the City through technology. The focus areas of their work includes digital engagement and services, data and analytics, and broadband, […]


a. CISO has the authority and responsibility to make the final decision on issues concerning the management of the city’s information assets (including but not limited to its network and information system) as well as its information security measures.

New York CISO

CISO is based in the NYCs Cyber Command – the CISO was elevated to be equal to the CIO and CTO in the city, so that security issues must be considered at decision-making level.

Toronto CISO

The position of Chief Information Security Officer was implemented in 2019 with accountability to establish a business aligned cyber strategy, advise on/manage cyber risk and mature the existing cyber infrastructure.

Los Angeles CISO

The CISO within Los Angeles is responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all voice, data network, application, network infrastructure and the associated information assets; creating an accountable, information security-conscious culture through training and development; implementing and maintaining a security infrastructure based on policies and procedures.

Cyber Accountability Model

Background Cities face increasing threat from cyber-attacks. In 2016, a quarter of cities in the U.S. faced attempted cyber security attacks every hour. Three years later, governments reported 163 successful ransomware attacks with more than US$1.8 million in ransoms paid and tens of millions of dollars spent on recovery costs, a nearly 150 percent increase in […]