Center for Internet Security Controls

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a nonprofit collecting best practices for securing IT systems. CIS Controls is their set of recommended priority actions to take for protecting and its data from cyber attack.

NIST Profile for Ransomware Risk Management

This Ransomware Profile identifies the NIST Cybersecurity Framework security objectives that support preventing, responding to, and recovering from ransomware events. The profile can be used as a guide to managing the risk of ransomware events. That includes helping to gauge an organization’s level of readiness to counter ransomware threats and to deal with the potential […]

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework provides a comprehensive framework for enterprise cybersecurity and is the foundation of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance Cyber Resilience Model Policy. NIST also provides a quick start guide for this framework. A guide to the tiers in the NIST framework can be found here. CSF Resources General Page (where a […]

UK National Cyber Security Centre

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre provides cyber security guidance for all types of organisation including public sector and government entities.

Cyber Resilience

Background Digital transformation has become synonymous with a government’s ability to meet its obligations to provide the vast array of services to its citizens in the 21st century. This necessary transformation will provide local governments with the tools required to meet the demands of growing populations, a changing workforce, increased urbanization, and unprecedented advancements in […]