Transport for London Dig Once

In 2019-20, Transport for London (TfL), in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA), saved 1,600 days of disruption through the type of collaborative working that is at the heart of the Dig Once policy. These partnership efforts extended to a major project in a busy part of the London Borough of Hackney, convened by the […]

NYC Internet Master Plan

New York’s plan for expanding internet connectivity to underserved communities. Comprehensive strategy including the economic case, the state of coverage, proposals, and a helpful introduction to connectivity topics.

Dig Once

Background Digital connectivity – or ‘smart infrastructure’ or ‘digital infrastructure’ – is the utility of the twenty-first century. It underpins every aspect of the modern economy and all aspects of smart cities. This includes cellular wireless – 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G – and Wi-Fi, wired (including full-fibre) technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), and emerging […]