Smart Cities 4 All Toolkit

The toolkit contains four tools to help Smart Cities worldwide include a focus on ICT accessibility and the digital inclusion of persons with disabilities and older persons. The toolkit supports a range of organizations and roles related to Smart Cities, including government managers, policy makers, IT professionals, disability advocates, procurement officials, technology suppliers, and developers […]

ITU/G3ict Model ICT Accessibility Policy

Report detailing a model policy aimed at national regulators and policymakers to create their own ICT accessibility policy frameworks. The report was prepared in cooperation with G3ict under the supervision of the ITU. Published in November 2014. Link to report page

ICT Accessibility

Background ICT products and services are the most scalable and used tool of our modern societies. Cities all over the world are using ICT to inform and serve citizens. At the same time this digital transformation is generating a massive amount of data that can be used to increase the efficiency of the city. As […]