Ukraine data publishing regulations

The Government of Ukraine’s Regulations on data sets to be published in the form of open data:

Smart Colombus Data Management Plan

This Smart Columbus Data Management Plan provides operational information for the use of data within theSmart Columbus Operating System. The Operating System is the central data store forall relevant program data within the Smart Columbus demonstration and provides users data through anopen data portal web interface as well as Application Programming Interfaces.

Vienna and Austria Open Data Policy

Austria at national level and Vienna at city level have a well-developed set of policies to underpin open government. Vienna government implementation model Vienna’s open data journey Austria Framework for Open Government Platforms Cooperation OGD Austria

LOTI Information Governance Process for Data Collaboration Projects

A framework for understanding what needs to happen at each stage of the Information Governance process for data collaboration projects and which roles from each participating organisation need to be involved. Enabling London’s public sector organisations to be able to quickly and easily share data with each other when it is appropriate to do so, […]

Open Data Handbook

Guides, case studies and resources for government & civil society on open data from the Open Knowledge Foundation. Main link > Value stories >

Sunlight Foundation

Prominent US non-profit advocating for and providing guidance for open data policies. Open Data resources for cities >

Dubai Data Regulations

In 2015 Dubai passed a local law regulating the classification of data into ‘open data’ and ‘shared data’. Since then Dubai has developed a suite of policies and processes to govern data. Link to Dubai data regulations, standards and policies >

Seattle Open Data Policy

According to analysis of US open data policies by the Sunlight Foundation, Seattle’s open data policy is the highest rated among cities with a population over 500,000. Link to reference >

Open Data

Background Open data has been a cornerstone of the smart city movement for many years. Smart city technologies depend on open data from city authorities and urban services for much of their core functionality – without access to transit data or GIS data, many applications simply could not work. But the need for open data […]