Smart Colombus Privacy Plan

The Smart Columbus Demonstration Program Data Privacy Plan (DPP) provides an overarchingframework for the ways in which Smart Columbus will protect the security of personal information that itcollects and uses, and the privacy of the individuals to whom this information pertains. Privacy Impact Assessment model can be found on page 37.

US DoJ guidance on PIAs

U.S. Department of Justice, Guide to Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments: for State, Local, and Tribal Justice Entities (2012)

Australia OAIC guidance on PIAs

Australian OAIC — Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC) Guide to undertaking privacy impact assessments

Spain AEPD guidance on PIAs

Spanish DPA/AEPD’s modelo de informe de Evaluación de Impacto en la Protección de Datos (EIPD) dirigido a Administraciones Públicas (2019) (available in Spanish)

France CNIL guidance for PIAs

French DPA/CNIL —  Privacy Impact Assessment resources (available in French and English), including guidance, templates, knowledge bases, IoT examples, infographic, and a free software tool (2018)