US DoJ guidance on PIAs

U.S. Department of Justice, Guide to Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments: for State, Local, and Tribal Justice Entities (2012)

Australia OAIC guidance on PIAs

Australian OAIC — Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC) Guide to undertaking privacy impact assessments

Spain AEPD guidance on PIAs

Spanish DPA/AEPD’s modelo de informe de Evaluación de Impacto en la Protección de Datos (EIPD) dirigido a Administraciones Públicas (2019) (available in Spanish)

France CNIL guidance for PIAs

French DPA/CNIL —  Privacy Impact Assessment resources (available in French and English), including guidance, templates, knowledge bases, IoT examples, infographic, and a free software tool (2018)

EU Guidance for DPIA

Former Article 29 Working Party’s Guidelines on Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and determining whether processing is “likely to result in a high risk” (2017) EU member state DPIA whitelists and blacklists (2019)