Get Involved

The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance welcomes stakeholders from all countries – including municipal, regional and national governments, private-sector partners, civil society organizations, and individuals – to join and contribute to this effort.

Engagement opportunities list below are ordered based on the time commitment that would be involved starting from light to heavy. To get involved, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Organizations interested in becoming institutional partners can contact the Alliance directly at

Pledge your support for shared global principles

Governments, businesses and organizations of all sizes are encouraged to declare their support for this initiative by backing a set the core guiding principles which should be prioritized when deploying smart technologies in public spaces:

  • ▪Transparency and Privacy
  • ▪Safety, Security and Resiliency
  • ▪Interoperability and Openness
  • ▪Operational and Financial Sustainability
  • ▪Equity and Societal Impact

Submit policies to become global norms

The Alliance provides a platform for showcasing and scaling best practices in the area of technology governance. Governments, businesses and organizations are encouraged to submit examples of policies which they have adopted (e.g. laws on public consent or regulations regarding procurement of smart city technologies) to help ensure the responsible and ethical use of smart city technologies. These policies will be reviewed by the Alliance and may be included in updates to the global policy framework.

Join upcoming policy workshops and events

The Alliance convenes smart city leaders to help identify, co-design and prioritize policies which should be established as global norms. Multi-stakeholder working groups help refine and advance this work through the creation of policy templates and other tools to ease adoption of these policies. Nominations to join these efforts can be submitted below are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Help enact new policies in your city

The Alliance plans to select 20-50 cities (including at least one city from each G20 country) to help pilot new global policy standards. Opportunities may also exist for private entities such as real estate developers, universities and businesses to pilot these policies. Participating cities or organizations agree to work with the Alliance to conduct a full audit of their existing policies and regulations related to the procurement, deployment and use of smart technologies. In addition, each city or organization agrees to enact at least one new policy based on the Alliance’s global policy framework and catalogue of best practices. Nominations of cities or organizations can be submitted below.