Global Policy Framework

The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance provides a platform for city leaders to share best practices and establish global standards, identify governance gaps, and develop new policies for the responsible and ethical use of smart city technologies.

Working together with municipal, regional and national governments, private-sector partners and cities’ residents, the Alliance has committed to co-design and roll out a first-of-its-kind global policy framework on smart city technologies in advance of 2020 G20 Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The policy framework aims to accelerate best practices, mitigate potential risks, and foster greater openness and public trust regarding the collection of data in public spaces.

The Alliance is currently accepting nominations of policies to be included in this policy framework. Opportunities also exist for cities and private entities to contribute to, and pilot, these global policy standards.

Our Five Guiding Principles:

1.   Transparency and Privacy

2.   Safety, Security and Resiliency

3.   Interoperability and Openness

4.   Operational and Financial Sustainability

5.   Equity, Inclusion and Societal Impact